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Wobb AI automates your influencer marketing campaign work. Designed by Marketers, perfected by data - Wobb influencer marketing platform makes it easy for brands to find influencers, manage campaigns, clearly measure effectiveness and reduces the time to complete a campaign by 80%.

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Brands using Digital Marketing leverage Influencer marketing in a big way by engaging individuals having good follower ship on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Tik-Tok, LinkedIn. These individuals share per-created content or create unique content like videos, blogs, vlogs, and static posts to promote the brand and become influencers for the brand.

Wobb is an AI-based top Influencer Marketing platform to automate marketing via micro-and-macro influencers. Working with Wobb dashboard is very similar to creating a Facebook ad. It provides you tools for detailed targeting like age, location, interest, profession, and language so Brands could effectively reach out to their relevant audience. Wobb is the only best Influencer Marketing Platform in India that is able to measure the performance and returns of your Influencer Marketing Campaigns. It measures performance engagement, reaches, clicks, and conversion using advanced pixels and proprietary technology. Wobb is relevant for companies of all sizes and sectors looking for conversion and a growing user base. Campaigns can start from as low as Rs 1000. Returns are easily accessible from the dashboard and the reports allow you to measure the performance of every Individual Influencer participating in your campaigns so the next campaign only best-suited Influencers drive the campaign. For Brands looking for extra help, Wobb Influencer Marketing platforms offer a dedicated account manager that helps in onboarding, planning and executing all your campaigns. We are offering a limited period of free consultation.( influencer marketing platform in India)

Brands can also request a call back here and someone from the team will reach out within 72 hours.

Summary: Wobb is the only true Influencer marketing platform in India where Brands meet and engage with Influencers and run Influencer marketing campaigns at a scale. Wobb eliminates middlemen like Influencer Marketing Agencies. Agencies charge exorbitantly high commissions well over 100% doubling your cost. Wobb Influencer Marketing dashboard gives you access to over 18000 Influencers with a true following across categories such as Food, Beauty, Health, Fitness, Décor, Technology, Finance, Business, News, Entertainment, Vlogger, Radio, Sports, Travel, Photography, Parenting, Automobile & Thought Leaders.

We are big on Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and several regional platforms such as Likee, Helo, amongst others. The platform is refined over the years by the core team comprising of graduates from Top Technology Institutes. such as IIT Delhi, University of Cambridge all with just one goal,  “Make Influencer Marketing Great Again”.  Our Made in India platform driven to generate ROIs. has garnered huge interest and appreciation with presence in the Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe, and America. Check our demo video from the homepage to learn more about how our Influencer Marketing Platform works.

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How Wobb works .

Campaign under 3 minutes

From the dashboard, click on “Create Campaign”. Simply explain your marketing objective to the Influencers via an easy to understand and fill form.

More than 10 advanced criteria are available to narrow down your search and perform  targeted campaigns.

Wobb Campaign iscovery

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