Here are some cool 5 Ways to Get more real Instagram Followers. 

  1. Cross-Promote
    For Influencers:
    Check the image below; chances are you have seen this before on your Instagram wall. Influencers getting clicked together and tagging one another on social media are not new. It’s highly effective to introduce your fellow Influencers to your audience and get introduced by them

While the strategy works flawlessly and is a win-win, you need to find someone who is complementary or unrelated to your niche and has similar levels of engagement and followers.

For Brands, however, cross-promotion is tricky on social media. While this has been ongoing for a while in the form of 5 Ways to Get more real Instagram Followers “Backlink Exchange” on the Brand’s partner page of the website. This is particularly useful in ranking your website on SEO, for example, the case below where Wobb was mentioned by Unicommerce and vice-versa on the website as a result of our partnership.

Cross-promotion by Unicommerce on their website for Wobb

5 Ways to Get more real Instagram Followers

Cross-promotion by Wobb for Unicommerce on its website

The social media aspect is however tricky and a very interesting one. Wobb platform has helped numerous Brands in the past to identify complimentary Brands for cross-promotion and collaboration for social media activities. You could say partner for social media endorsements to reduce the cost of Influencer Marketing. Increase Instagram followers Multiple Brands could come in sponsor one social media Influencer without all having to pay separately. This is also useful for Influencers as it doesn’t seem to be a direct promotion of one Brand garnering higher engagements. Get the likes of Bhuvan Bam, Sejal Kumar, Aashna Shroff at half the price. 5 Ways to Get more real Instagram Followers.

  1. Participate in popular and trending conversations

Find trending conversations in your niche and start engaging over comments. If your comments are relevant and bring in a unique perspective, they will rise to the top and you will get enough attention. I don’t mean that you go to your competitor’s wall and start spamming with self-promotion. The right way is to identify long-tail keywords to find topics relevant to your niche, for example, if you’re a travel blogger, you may want to search trending discussions on the topic “finding right hotels” and you can add your opinion on it.

5 Ways to Get more real Instagram Followers

You could also star Influencers in your industry and engage with their content in a meaningful way. Instagram gives you an option to “Turn on Post Notifications” so every time there is a post by any relevant Influencer, you get a notification. Your comment goes up there as fast as their post getting you enough visibility to increase instagram followers.

  1. Create your Brand perception

You don’t want to become what you post. For example, when you think about the word Facebook, the first word comes to our mind is friends. The motto of Facebook is connecting people, that is the perception it has established. It doesn’t say a technology platform to give you daily updates of the whereabouts of your friends, with built-in chat functionality, privacy, and support. 5 Ways to Get more real Instagram Followers.

Take an example; the product is different from Brand perception. You’re always your perception. There will always be someone who is selling the same stuff as yours if not better. The only differentiation is Branding that would stand out.

Let’s take another example-


Product – Car

Perception – Luxury ride


Product – Car

Perception – Premium Safe Rides


Product – Car

Perception – Premium Ride Quality


Product – Car

Perception – Best of best! Electric Revolution


Product – Car

Perception – Low maintenance

If tomorrow, I were to buy an electric car, Tesla would be my de-facto choice. Chances are most other premium brands like BMW, Mercedes have their own electric models but people don’t relate those Brands to Electric.

For Brands and Influencers, 5 Ways to Get more real Instagram Followers building perception customers could relate to is critical and good news, It is also not hard to do so. Think about it this way, you want to be the go-to person for anything in that field or so-called niche. Once you achieve that, you have created a brand for yourself to increase Instagram followers.

Step 1: Start with finding a niche that works for you. It could be something you’re good at.

Step 2: Start creating authentic content around it.

For example, It could be “the go-to Instagrammer for reviews on female hygiene products” or “ the go-to travel blogger for hotels”. Just focus on thing “female hygiene products” or “hotels”. Everything around hotels should then just be a filler – food, flights, clothes to wear, things to do.


Getting followers (real!) is easy if you follow some of the above rules. Create a perception of you, cross-promote yourself and make sure you engage with trending content or content of people you look up to in your niche. If you’re finding this a lot to digest, get registered on a platform like Wobb meant for Influencers and Brands and get all the tools you need to become a star Brand or Influencer. Check out here!