About a decade back, India’s heath and Fitness industry was nascent and was considered to be more of a style statement rather than a basic necessity. Regular exercising and healthy eating used to be the forte of professionals for whom staying healthy and fit was an occupation requirement. It was perhaps because there was no medium like Digital Marketing, which could have taken this the phenomenon to masses.

This is akin to the knowledge era where the knowledge remained in the custody of those who had access to academia or books or so-called knowledge banks. And this got ripped with the invention of the Internet and its penetration to every stratum of human civilization. Knowledge is now available to everyone at almost no cost and is no longer a privilege for a few.  Social media platforms have done to the Fitness industry what the Internet did to knowledge i.e. brought it closer to its audience. Rather, it has created an altogether new community of Fitness seekers and Fitness service providers, the fitness influencers.

Digital Marketing driving the transformation in Fitness & Health industry

Staying fit and healthy is no longer a phenomenon which is part of western culture but has seeped very deep into Indian roots.  More and more people now adopt some sort of fitness regime and also try to adopt a healthy dietary habit.

The result is an upsurge of numerous Fitness and Health brands. One can easily find hundreds of  Gym , Sports Club or a Health food café  within a few square kilometer area of major cosmopolitan cities. The brands managing these businesses range from standalone outlets to large multinational brands.  No matter the diversity and size of these brands,  one thing is common amongst them, that they adopt Digital marketing in some form.

The brands in this category have realized that Influencer Marketing, as a subset of Digital Marketing, is the fastest and cheapest channel to reach to their audience in an extremely targeted manner. There’s a significant proportion of marketing spend of every brand that gets allocated to Influencer marketing. Brands also realized that the audience’s circle of influence is not just limited to celebrity brand ambassadors or Macro influencers but the real-life influencers or micro-influencers occupy a significant portion of it.

This is perhaps because the masses are better able to relate themselves with influencers around them rather than those who they only see in media.  Gym Trainers, Yoga Experts, Zoomba trainers, Kickboxers, Sports coaches, and a whole lot of professionals in this category are now recognized by brands as influencers with their individual community of followers. Each of these influencers reaches out to their community utilizing one of the social media platforms e.g., Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tik-Tok etc and brands now reach out to these influencers for promoting their brand, products and services.

This phenomenon and the associated technological pieces have given an altogether new dimension to the fitness and health industry and every link of the value chain – Consumer, Influencers and brands  – is reaping its benefit through mutual collaboration.

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