The world nowadays is drastically changing and Social Media has played a big-time role in the same. The word “Influencer”, the way we know now, did not even exist a few years back. With social media platforms becoming more and more prominent, the internet becoming cheaper, most of us are now spending a couple of hours every day on these platforms. Over the years, we realized that we are influenced by people who are present on these platforms, whom we can relate to. That is how these creators became Influencers. This gave birth to a new form of marketing which is Influencer Marketing.

Social Media Platforms allow us to present our entire life in a virtual format to everyone. This allows each one of us to become a celebrity amongst the people who interact with us. There are millions of creators today worldwide and this number is increasing day by day. Being a Social Media Influencer has become a full-time job now. A lot of Creators and Influencers depend on Social Media for their livelihood.

There are some questions that everybody has in their minds regarding this industry – the foremost being how the digital creators/social media influencers make money. Wobb – being a leading influencer marketing platform would love to share insights on this industry and how this can be a full-time profession for you. Sharing below a few highlights on How Social Media Influencers/ Creators make money?

Get Paid by the Platforms Itself

Social Media platforms pay the creators for engaging with their audience through high-quality content. A good example for this is Youtube, its a platform where creators put out video content across varied interest areas – Beauty Tips, DIYs, Lifestyle, Fashion, Cooking, Motivational Speakers, etc. Influencers get paid by Youtube on the engagement a particular video generates one metric of the same being the number of views.

The reason for the same is that Youtube generates its major revenue by running ads during the videos present on the platform. The more number of people view a particular video, the more Youtube gets paid from the Brand for a particular ad. So, as to incentivize the creator to create better content and engage the audience with the same, Youtube passes on these benefits to the creators/ Influencers as well.

Google Ad Sense

Google helps you earn more through your online content. There are bloggers and creators who have set up their own pages where they create content and engage with the audience. Once, they start driving good engagements on their pages, they could set up Google Ad Sense and start earning money. Google also charge brands for running their ads on its platform.

These ads can also be run on the pages created by bloggers. Bloggers and Creators get paid on the number of ad clicks. Example, Cost-Per-Click = $0.20, If the average number of views on a Creator’s page is = 1000 per day, the estimated clicks would be 5 per day. Then for 150 clicks, a Blogger will earn around $30 per month.

Brand Promotions

If we remember, there were times when we used to buy anything based on TV Commercials/Ads especially when endorsed by our favorite celebrities/cricketers. But nowadays, we always look for reviews of the product be it something of small value as a facewash or high priced things like cars. The reason being we trust our peers and the ones whom we relate to more. Influencers are just the right ones for this job. If we see different social media platforms, time, and again influencers and creators share with our reviews of the products they like.

This acts as a recommendation to all their followers and generates curiosity amongst them to buy a product. Influencers get paid by the brands to review the products. Nevertheless, influencers chose only those promotions they feel would help their followers and something they can use themselves as well. Brand Promotions act as a 60-80% source of income for the influencers. Commercials vary depending on the engagement of the influencer. A creator can earn anything from $50 to $50000 for one promotion depending on the followers and engagement of the same.

Brand Ambassador

Just like celebrities, Influencers can go for a long term association with a Brand and can act as their ambassadors, this can be a 1 year – 5years contract with the Brands wherein Influencers can also get a fixed monthly income/ paid as per the activity.

How do Social Media Influencers and Digital Creators make money?

Affiliate Marketing

Creators who promote/ review a particular product can earn additional bucks through the sales generated out of their handle. E-Commerce giants like Amazon run an affiliate program wherein an influencer gets paid 5-15% of the product price per product sale through its channel. Additionally, there are new Social Commerce platforms like Bulbul, Meesho, Simsim coming up who offer percent per sale of product to influencers. Additionally, Brands directly also offer this proposition to influencers.

Product Launch/ Event Invites

Influencers/ Creators are invited for the product launches and events to capture the same and showcase it to their audience. In addition to this, they can be invited to judge certain activities, speaker sessions to share their domain expertise with others. Influencers get paid for these activities too.

Online Paid Training/ Expert Sessions

Influencers also host online webinars/training sessions as per their domain expertise and charge the audience to attend the same. Example- There are fitness influencers who give online training, home workout sessions, and invite their followers to join them as a paid invite.

Launch your Own Brand

We can see nowadays that influencers launch their own brands and sell certain products in their name. Example – Prominent Vlogger Mumbiker Nikhil has launched his own series of t-shirts under his own brand name. This acts as an additional revenue stream for him and makes. It easy to sell due to his huge follower base.

How do Social Media Influencers and Digital Creators make money?

Copywriting Content 

Good quality content has a high value of its own. As a short example. Ad agencies get to do an ad shoot and use the same ad for years to sell a particular product. Similarly, a Creator’s content can be put to several uses and never loses its value anytime soon. Creators have their copyright on their content and. They can sell their rights to the ones who need their content and make additional money.

The above are a few of the income sources for the influencers. This is not an exhaustive list. There are a lot of other sources that are available. Also there are new revenue streams opening up as we see more and more technology. Platforms coming up around the influencer space. We nowadays see so many people taking up as their profession and are passionate about creating content. One example is housewives. Who has created a category of Mom Bloggers and are present on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube, and are actively interacting and sharing their knowledge with others?

Wobb- as a leading influencer marketing platform is providing a lot of the above opportunities to influencers to generate income for themselves and to brands who can easily connect with the right influencers to spread their message.

How do Social Media Influencers and Digital Creators make money?

How do Social Media Influencers and Digital Creators make money?