With the growth of the number of users on Social Media Platforms and increasing internet penetration. We see a diverse user base online today. Creators across different interest areas have grown a lot over the past few years. Out of this, one category of influencers which would be relevant to most of the brands is Mom Bloggers/Influencers.

Mom Influencers play an important role in Influencer Marketing activities and they are a must to have today. Every Digital Marketing Agency/ Social Media Marketing agency has Mom Bloggers in their kitty today.

Well, how Influencer Marketing with Mom Bloggers can help increase sales?

Moms have always been experts in multi-tasking and venturing into being an influencer cannot be surprising either. A considerable amount of talent is showcased by moms today on Social Media Platforms and they are influencing masses through their innovative and awesome content. Moms have very important roles in their families, from family welfare to purchase decisions more than 60% control belongs to the lady in the house. Digital Marketing Agencies and influencer Marketing Platforms very well understand this.

Mom influencers have a highly engaging audience from diverse backgrounds who get influenced by the Honest and Sentimental feeling of the Mom Community. Brands from diverse verticals – FMCG, Fashion (Men/Women/Kids), Health, Hygiene, Travel, Education can associate with Mom Influencers to spread their Brand Message. This helps a brand not only reaches out to other mothers in the community but also to the extended following that Moms Bring to the table.

With the Onset of 2020 and the Corona Outbreak in the country & the world, the power of digital has grown even more. We saw brands like Asian Paints, Euro Kids, ICICI Pru Life, HP India, ProteinX, Myntra, etc. collaborate with Moms pan-India to engage with online users. The diversity of the above brands showcase that Moms are must-include in almost every brand promotion activity.

While working with the influencers, not only their following but engagement, and returns play an important role in the end. Mom Bloggers and Influencers just fit this role. Wobb – one of the leading Influencer Marketing Platform in the country also shares a strong bond with Mom influencers. We would like to share some insights and stories of our working with Mom Influencers in one of the lockdown campaigns.

During the lockdown, one thing which everybody agreed on was that nothing is more important than one’s immunity in fighting any kind of illness. A person’s health was determined by his lifestyle and diet habits. So, we did a campaign for Chyawanprash products with the Mom Influencers. The speciality of these products was that it was different from the usual sticky and bitter Chyawanprash which usually had higher sugar content. The products were in the form of toffees and capsules. The products were specially meant for Working Class and Kids, so no other type of influencer could have replaced Mom Influencers in the same. The selection of influencers was a tiring task as all of them were so good in their content that finalizing the list became a task.

Finally, the products were sent to the influencers and they started preparing the content as per the guidelines shared by Wobb. To our surprise, the innovation which these Moms put in the content was extremely commendable and was really appreciated by the brand too. All those content pieces performed really well, engaged the audience, and as an icing on the top of the cake were used for running Digital Ads across Social Media Platforms too.

I hope this stance helped you answer the question we asked ourselves a while ago – How Influencer Marketing with Mom Bloggers can help increase sales?

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How Influencer Marketing with Mom Bloggers can help increase sales?