Almost 60% of businesses are dedicating a part of their marketing budgets to Influencer Marketing and these numbers are going up every time you consume #sponsored posts of your favorite influencers.

Influencer marketing campaign provides a platform for person to person selling instead of a conventional brand to person selling and helps to create a relationship between brands and consumers.

Following are steps you need to take to get there and run a successful influencer marketing campaign:

Creating a layout:

Contacting influencers with a well put out a brief of campaign makes it 10x easier to communicate ideas.

  1.     Identify the key messaging and events that the campaign would run around.
  2.     Decide the key dates and launch periods.
  3.     Plan a budget (that’ll help you decide what kind of influencers to contact)
  4.     Identify the target audience.

Define Goals:

What is the objective of your campaign? Is it to increase brand visibility, or is it a lead generation or is it to attract a specific number of customers to your offline store?

Create Contracts:

Creating mini contracts or MOUs adds a sense of security between both the parties. Include deliverables and posting time. Spell out usage rights and exclusivity. (if required)

Vet Influencers:

This step is the absolute key to getting a solid ROI. Find out relevant influencers according to your target audience. Do a background research on each influencer and evaluate their fitness for your campaign.

There are several influencer marketing tools that help you identify best-suited influencers by providing actual information about engagement, reach and audience.

 Make sure Influencer’s audience align with your target audience and he/she displays a particular affinity for your product. This helps to increase the authenticity of the campaign.

Campaign creatives:

Research audience interests and analyse competitors. Organise brainstorming sessions with influencers and try to provide creative freedom to influencers because they know their audience.

Promote and amplify the campaign:

Check the performance and optimize accordingly. Consider using paid advertising to boost visibility.

Review the results of influencer marketing:

Measure the overall performance (both the Analytics and audience response) and prepare a campaign report and compare the results with pre-defined goals to find out what worked and what didn’t. Make use of insights from previous campaigns to optimise future influencer marketing strategies.

Use this steps for successful influencer marketing campaign.

Influencer marketing is a powerful tool and there is more to it than meets the eye. We, at Wobb, will happily hold your throughout the process and help you provide as solid an ROI as possible for plan Influencer Marketing Campaign platform.


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