Influencer Marketing has shown tremendous growth in the past couple of years. The influencer industry has attracted numerous agencies and platforms (including Mobile Application) to simplify the method for both brands and influencers. Organic influencer marketing may be a slow and tedious process, particularly when it involves finding and wooing influencers to market your company’s products or services. At this point, Influencer Marketing Platform and Marketing Agencies provide influencer marketing solutions to brands which help them drive and increase their market presence much more effectively. In the last 2 years, the number of such Influencer Marketing Platforms and Agencies have almost grown three times.

The importance of Influencer Marketing Agencies and marketing platforms and the value they add to a Brand’s Growth comes as the next important question. Wobb as a leading influencer marketing platform is happy to share some of the insights on the same below-

  1. Expertise – The influencer marketing platforms and agencies have marketing professionals working for them who understand the space more and are well versed to strategically place a Brand amongst consumers through influencers. Marketing Platforms and Agencies work with a number of brands day in and day out, the expertise built and the data gathered working on multiple campaigns help brands hit the Bull’s eye in one go. This saves the time and effort spent on trying different techniques.
  2. Easy Access to Influencers – Influencers find it easy to work with the marketing platforms and agencies as they regularly associate with each other for business. Moreover, very good marketing platforms and agencies are associated with thousands of influencers who can help spread a brand’s story and message to the target audience. Example- Wobb is associated with more than 18000 high performing influencers across different industry segments such as Food, Beauty, Health, Fitness, Décor, Technology, Finance, Business, News, Entertainment, Vlogger, Radio, Sports, Travel, Photography, Parenting, Automobile & Thought Leaders. Brands reaching out to Wobb will get the best of the influencers for their campaigns.
  3. Campaign Strategy – Influencer Marketing is a combination of art and science. The importance of an appropriate content strategy is as high as that of an influencer. Selection of the right mix of content, platform, influencer, strategy is where an influencer marketing platform or agency can turn around the tables for a brand. The kind of content that should go out – Video, Image, Stories, etc., the message that should be covered in the content to organically boost the brand sales/reach, influencer demographics, interest areas, Micro/Macro/Mega type, the best strategy takes into account all these factors. Additionally, the selection of the right platform – Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. for the right brand and the campaign timing, all these factors largely create an impact on the ROI of a campaign. 
  4. Campaign Management – The proper management of influencers is important. If the right mix of the above factors is achieved, it requires considerable efforts and time spent into the management of these influencers which is an opportunity cost for the Brands. Even if 10% of the influencers don’t perform as per the guidelines, the right results are not achieved.

The difference between influencer marketing agency and influencer marketing platforms. How Wobb uses technology to solve Brand pain points?

Automated Solutions – Influencer Marketing Platforms make the use of technology to provide influencer marketing solutions. This could be a partial or complete use of the same. Whereas marketing agencies use a manual approach to manage the campaigns. Wobb as a Top Influencer Marketing Platform provides end to end automated solutions making the entire process more efficient, cost-effective and easy to use. Just like you run ads on Facebook, Wobb makes the influencer experience as easy. 

Spotting Fake Followers and Inauthentic Engagement – With the growth of social media platforms and monetization of the follower base by influencers, certain challenges have come up in this industry. There are bots available nowadays which can help you get fake followers, likes, etc., misguiding the marketers. Agencies following the manual process, and are not able to fully eliminate the not so genuine influencers.

This impacts the overall ROI of the campaign. At Wobb, we have our API integrations with all the social media platforms – Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc, which helps us easily access the entire data of all the registered influencers. Data based elimination of the influencers basis their following, kind of followers, Existing Post Performance, Past Media Engagements, Frequency of posts, Number of posts, Past endorsements, sensitivity analysis of comments, etc. helps to choose only the high performing genuine influencers for the campaigns.

Influencer Cost – With the rising influencer costs, there is a need for cross-incentivizing influencers to work at not so high prices. Influencer marketing agencies are able to manage the same with only a handful of influencers as scalability becomes a challenge for them. Therefore, missing out on good content creators or paying higher costs for the same becomes a problem when working with marketing agencies. At Wobb, we lead the influencer marketing industry with more than 18000 influencers across categories onboard with us. Additionally, we are able to cross-compensate them with multiple opportunities keeping their prices low and onboarding more and more talent as we go along.

Social Algorithm Changes & Evolving Social Media Trends – As with any technology, social media platforms must frequently optimize and adapt to modern user experience standards. The social media apps keep on updating their algorithm which affects the platform users including brands and influencers. Influencer Marketing Agencies, having limited access to the data takes more time to understand these changes ultimately leading to high response time and low ROIs. At Wobb, we make decisions based on what our data says on a real-time basis, we are able to quickly tweak our strategies and align ourselves with the Evolving Social Media trends.

Analytics &  ROI Measurement – Marketing Agencies are still not able to provide a concrete answer when it comes to the ROI of the campaigns. Wobb with its user-friendly dashboard provides access to real-time data to all its brands so that they know at all times how their campaigns are working out. 100% Transparency is what we believe in.

In conclusion, considering the evolving market and growing knowledge about influencer marketing amongst brands and influencers, there are no doubts today that brands have started asking the right questions to a marketing agency/ influencer marketing platform before starting their association. Wobb, which is the leading influencer marketing platform believes that a transparent showcase of any platform/technology built and how it makes every penny spent by the brands worth it, is the right way to select their partners.

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