Is a “one-off” influencer marketing campaign the right way to go?

I have decided to talk about one such confusion in this week’s exclusive blog.

Does a one-off influencer marketing campaign fulfil your purpose behind doing it? Does it put a hugely positive effect on your sales/topline in month one or influencer marketing campaign number one?

The answer is maybe not! Influencer marketing as a medium of marketing is a journey which we often forget. It is not about putting in X amounts of money to get 10X out in round number one. It is about putting in X amount of money a period of time to slowly and steadily build a faithful community for your product or service.

Often brands across various domains approach influencer marketing platforms and agencies with certain misconceptions and confusions in mind.

Every brand should approach influencer marketing on any platform may it be YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc. as an exercise you do over months. The entire campaign needs a strong strategic base for this very reason. It is a process wherein you choose the type of people or pages you would want to associate your brand with, slowly and steadily work towards capturing their audience and building a strong community. What you get here is not just one-off sales, you get a longer LTV (Lifetime Value) from a customer. You end up spending some valuable money to retain your customers while you grow with them.

The best influencer marketing campaigns or the ones that catch your eye aren’t the ones that are done once and then, poof!!! It’s gone. They are instead the ones that make sure their audience come across their brand again and again over a prolonged period of time.

While you do this, as a brand, always make sure that there is qualitative engagement. At, we truly believe in quality influencer marketing campaigns with very high engagement. As a consumer of content, your audience sees 1000s of content pieces a week, what catches their eye? Engagement! And who drives these engagements? Top Influencers!

Every day, the influencer marketing ecosystem, in general, teaches us one important lesson – Look at influencer marketing as a beautiful long-term journey of strong brand building and recall. But brands often find it very difficult to run an entire management cycle of such campaigns as this is a non-core activity their skill set. That is where influencer marketing platforms like come into the picture. It adds like you sidekick and helps you smoothen your entire journey. There is no weapon stronger to an influencer who drives a large community of faithful followers!

So, before you pick up influencer marketing as just a one-off activity, think about it. What do you really need? A strong brand with higher LTV from its audience or a short-term tunnel vision brand?

Influencer marketing has today gone from a nascent tactic to a proven channel worth multi-million dollars. By getting a longer-term vision while you take it up, you can expect more meaningful results – they will obviously grow steadily over time!

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