How influencer marketing is changing the way we market products right now

Influencer Marketing is changing the way Lifestyle Products are marketed

Advertisements being the lifeline of a product’s success, plays a vital role in promotional pursuits. Promotional communication strives to influence consumers to purchase a product. But with the on-growing phase of Influencer Marketing, the face of advertisements also has changed. We will be discussing further How’s and Why’s of change in the advertisement of lifestyle products. Also, how Influencer Marketing is changing the way Lifestyle Products are marketed.

How it was advertised before?

Talking about the pre-internet days, the first advertisement published was back in 1836. Starting from the newspaper, the diversity of advertisements spread across various mediums. From audio ads on radio, blingy cheesy commercials on television, bright billboards and going further to pamphlets. Renowned faces and celebrities all became faces of different product advertisements, more prevalent in the case of Lifestyle products. The giants of the industry dominated the market. Having deeper pockets allowed them to spend more on marketing and advertisements. As a result, they dominated the markets in the pre-Internet era.

More Budget >> More Marketing >> More Awareness >> More Sales >> More Domination

The Internet Boom!

The Internet Boom or as one would say, the ‘dot com’ era changed everything. It didn’t take brands a lot of time to realize that it’s the next big revolution in marketing and advertising. As the years passed by, the internet gained popularity. Genius creations like YouTube, Email, Social Media among various others took over. The only things powering tens of thousands of entertaining or informational websites on the internet was Digital Ads and promotions. They eventually led the likes of Google to become a Tech Moghuls raking in hundreds on billions of dollars as their Ad revenues.

The rise of Micro Brands

If Brands starting out could point to one thing that the advent of the Internet and Social Media Marketing did; It would be giving them a fighting chance to enter the consumer markets dominated by giant corporations. It allowed thousands of Brands across categories to launch their product into the market with a fraction of the budget. Social Media allowed for garage Brands to market their product and compete for head to head with bigger Brands. It allowed for marketing creativity, product quality and a plethora of options to prevail over a unilateral advertising dominance. With more options, the customer became the King and products became more customer-focused in general.

What is Lifestyle Influencer Marketing?

Lifestyle Industry has been predominantly been legacy Brands which has been around for a long time. Especially, for categories like Apparel and Clothing, it is difficult to break into the big leagues even with digital marketing. But what changed the game was the gaining popularity of Influencer Marketing. Today, we see a lot of Brands which are barely 5 years old dominating the markets in no-time. They are hitting sales numbers as high as these legacy Brands, in some cases even surpassing them. It’s neither magic nor some algorithm trick. It is these brands being able to crack the code; Reaching out and being able to capitalize on their target group through a chain or heavy Influencer Marketing Campaigns.

Why did Lifestyle Influencer Marketing Work?

The sole purpose of a mannequin in a store is to represent that Shirt/Dress/Suit at it’s best to attract attention. They are presented in the best-shaped mannequin with perfect-fit clothes. This is pretty much what Influencer Marketing did to the entire Apparel & LifeStyle Industry. Just on a much larger scale, grander presence and personal level. Through a network of Influencers across Social Media Platforms; smaller Brands reached out to the audience through the Influencers the audience followed and admired. Seeing their Influencer sporting a fancy Shirt or a beautiful dress made people appreciate the product and acknowledging its presence. Once they were convinced enough they went a bought it. Now, the same fundamentals apply to other products in the Lifestyle category. Brands which were created just a few years ago somehow are the new trend in the market. Leaving bigger Brands scratching their heads until they decided to follow suit.

Influencer Marketing is not Advertising, it’s recommendation

The reasons Influencer Marketing turned out to be more effective is how it’s presented. Influencer’s do not sell or flash the product, they recommend it. They make it a part of their regular creative or posting in a way that it seems natural. Leaving no place for doubt. Their followers care because of the trust these Influencers have built with them over time. They know their Influencer wouldn’t tarnish it with a substandard product; hence the trust. People do not want Ads, they want honest opinions from a credible source, which is fulfilled by Influencer Marketing.

How can you benefit and what does the future of Influencer Marketing hold?

If you are looking forward to making a mark for your brand, go for Influencer Marketing. There are lot’s of do’s and don’t of it. Read our article on Marketing during Coronavirus-How will your brand survive? Refer to our article on How to Plan a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign? for more insight.

Now, we have discussed how Influencer Marketing can help you shine. Following we also looked into how we can use it to raise our Brand’s awareness and Get the word out. But what’s comes next is fairly complicated; that is, executing an Influencer Marketing campaign. On the surface it looks easy, you connect with Influencers and you get your campaign running. Technically, yes but there’s so much more to this and so many ways to could go wrong. A few common mistakes are A mismatch between your product and your Influencer’s niche or High Followers of Influencer but very low engagement or Paid followers or unfair means; This list is endless.

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