In this article, we explore how Covid-19 pandemic is affecting the current marketing strategies and brands. We also explore ways to make sure your brand stays relevant.

Marketing so far

The Covid-19 crisis has disrupted the way brands have marketed themselves to date. With more and more physical stores and offices shutting and people isolating themselves in homes. Traditional methods like billboard promotion, TV commercials, physical campaigns among others are no longer feasible or effective. The shift towards digital media was inevitable but the process has been accelerated due to the pandemic. For brands to reach their audience, where they spend the most amount of time, online, particularly social media.

Being able to do all these things at once is what makes Social Media Influencers special. Allowing you to leverage their expertise to help grow your brand and sales. We have covered how do they do it in our article: What is Influencer Marketing”

What’s happening

People are spending more and more time online, distributed among popular social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Telegram among others. Now, the trend towards digital presence is not new, its been going on for a while. We have covered it extensively in our article Digital Revolution 2.0. The only thing that has changed is its relevance from having to do it for a wider reach to having to do it for survival.

Although most of us are on some social media and know how to use it pretty well. It is relatively difficult to expand the reach and engagement at record rates. It requires a lot of effort and the right skills or dedication or else we all would’ve been influencers. The same goes for Brands, as they cannot reach their target audience on all these platforms at once. Increasing the follower base while also tracking and improving one’s engagement rate is challenging. At the same time keeping up with an ever-changing algorithm is as difficult as it could get.

Why do influencer matter

Social Media Influencers are the popular users of their respective platforms. Having spent years garnering millions of fans and supporters through their engaging content. As a result, their fans are loyal, engaged, and take their influencer’s opinion seriously. What they say and do, matters to their fans.

In 2019, YouTube’s biggest content creator, PewDiePie started a subscription war with T-series. Causing, both his and T-series’ subscriber base skyrocketed in tunes of millions within a month. Such is the level of influence we are talking about here

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Currently, Influencer Marketing has become all the more important because of the rate at which people are consuming digital content. Influencer Marketing campaigns are much more effective. It reaches a much wider audience and can make your brand go viral in no time.

Evidently, it is important to note that finding the right bunch of influencers on the right platforms isn’t easy. It is a task that could cost you a lot of time and resources. It becomes all the more important to choose the right ones for a successful campaign.

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