Micro-Influencers: Benefits & Cons

If you are startup founder, marketing manager Head or CMO, chances are high that you have heard about “Micro Influencers” and “Influencer Marketing”

But for all others, long story short, Micro Influencers are content creators with a captive audience in the range of 10,000 – 100,000 on social media platforms like  Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, to name a few. Let’s quickly dive on to understand the impact of working with Micro-Influencers for Influencer Marketing.

Benefits and Cons of Working with Micro-Influencers for Your Brand


Let’s start with the Benefits of working Micro-Influencers:


#1 : Cost

Let’s face it; the biggest reason for using Micro-Influencers is cost. Let me explain you how, someone like a Shah Rukh Khan with 20 Million followers on Instagram could charge you in 7 digits. Compared to that, a micro-Influencer with 100,000 followers would charge in 4 digits.

For the cost of one Shah Rukh Khan, you could possibly do 1000 micro-Influencers. That’s roughly 100 million people Influenced. This is the Benefits of Micro Influencers.

The total Influence you could buy is roughly 400% more than that from 1 static post by the likes of Shah Rukh Khan. No doubt why Influencer marketing is going high on micro-Influencers. Plus the add on advantages that follows:

#2 : Higher Conversion Rate

If you put out a Facebook post tomorrow, chances are you will get 100 likes. 500 friends and 100 likes is 20% engagement. That’s great. For a Bollywood celebrity, the engagement roughly stands about 3%.

As you go higher on reach, the engagement decreases. Influencers have engagement between 3% -10%. This is another Benefits of working Micro Influencers.

#3 : Trending

If 10,000 people tomorrow start talking about your brand, the chances it will start trending further driving more traffic is significantly higher. This is Benefits of working with Micro Influencers. Period!

Benefits of Micro Influencers

#4 : Micro-Influencers for SEO

Using Influencers for SEO. Consider every Influencer as a back-link, know figure how to get 10,000 of them in one day. It is big Benefits of working with Micro Influencers.

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Moving to a few Cons of working with Micro Influencers:


#1 : Require large volumes to create measurable impact

The impact of Micro-Influencer campaign is only visible at scale. There should be at least hundreds of them if not Thousands talking about your Brand. This is one of the cons of micro influencers.

Benefits of Micro Influencers

#2 : Hard to find right Influencers not just relevant Influencers

With increasing number of Influencers cashing on the Influencer marketing opportunity, a few of them decided to buy their way out. It won’t be surprising to find Influencers today trading likes and comments and buying bot followers.

It is not only necessary to find the relevant Influencer related to your trade but more critical to find ones who produce high organic engagement of cons of micro influencers.

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#3 : Execution


Let’s say you found 1000 relevant and right Influencers, who will handle all of them to run a smooth campaign. Managing 1 mega Influencer or celebrity Influencer is an easy way out. It may not be that rewarding but sure is less painful. We second that.

We have heard a Brand tell us how a planned Diwali campaign supposed to go out with 50 micro-Influencers a day before Diwali could go wrong. It took numerous calls, emails and messages to get Influencers to put out the post timely. A few wouldn’t take the calls, some were travelling and a couple of them were sick. A few post went out a week after Diwali spoiling the entire purpose. This is cons of micro influencers.

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If you can find volumes of relevant benefits of micro-Influencers and execute campaigns at large, do it. You can also checkout tools and platforms that can help shoulder the work in running large, scalable and successful campaigns. For instance, Wobb is one such proprietary technology built by graduates of IIT Delhi made to run scalable Influencer marketing campaigns with thousands of Micro-Influencers without human intervention. The automation saves you countless man-hours and saves you money. Check out!