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Ever wondered why Amazon ranks the highest when you google most of the products? Why can certain websites always be seen on top of Google Search Ranking? Organically and without those annoying Ad sign next to them.
There’s a simple answer to that question,

Search Engine Optimization or

There’s a simple answer to the question,

Search Engine Optimization or popularly referred to as SEO

Now I am sure you have heard phrases like ‘We need to use more SEO generated keywords’ or ‘What are the popular SEO keywords’ for our category and so on. So what exactly are these magical keystrokes that will give us a better rank in google searches?

What is SEO and what is it related to?

It involves making changes to your website design and content in order to receive organic traffic from search results. From the likes of Google, Bing, Duckduckgo, etc without spending a dime on ads. Simply put, if Search Engines are scouts to pick out the best websites and present it to the user, your website needs to be moulded into Jordan, Ali or Tendulkar in order for it to be displayed at the top.

For example, if a marketer types, ‘Best Influencer Marketing Platform in the world’ in Google, the search engine will try to scan through all the content available on the internet browsing through the plethora of websites to scan for the best picks based on website’s user-friendliness, speed, easy-navigation and many other factors. They pick the top websites like the ones who not only outperform every other website which is related to the user’s search words but also is most-relevant to the keywords the user searched for. In this case, all the websites containing the phrase, ‘Best Influencer Marketing Platform in the world’

What matters and what doesn’t?

The key to more visibility for your brand is to rank higher in the website rankings for a particular listing. In our case let’s twist our previous example of a marketer searching on Google for, ‘Best Influencer Marketing Platforms in India’. Google’s search engine ranking pages (SERP) can be a tricky place. They never give away their algorithm. Now, one of the things you could do is adjust your website to improve readability and visibility.

Content Matters.

Before digging further into technicalities, let’s see how we can present content on our website and explore how it affects the rankings. Let’s go back to our previous example of a marketer googling Best Influencer Platforms. The right content will surely make our website more attractive to search engines while also attracting visitors. Now, for our example, let’s consider a brand that wants to be the go-to website for a search result generated from our marketer’s search keyword about influencer marketing platforms above. In order to improve their current ranking, they would need content based on influencer marketing on their website. It could be a guide to influencer marketinglist of best influencers in Indiaa blog about how to choose influencers among a wide array of other things as long as it is good, user-friendly content and relevant to the search.

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Keywords are important.

As much as content is important, it is imperative to use the right keywords or phrase your content around them. A good amount of time is invested in finding the most popular keywords based on the kind of product you’re selling or what your website is about. The keywords are the most common phrases entered into search engines that yield particular results. One can do it manually or use keyword research tools like keywordtool to generate the SEO keywords for the particular kind of business you are looking at. For example — for our example of a marketer’s quest for influencer marketing platforms, the right keywords would be ‘influencer marketing’, ‘best influencer marketing’, ‘influencers in India’ and so on. Good market research can also come in handy when searching for SEO keywords/phrases for your brand. It’s always good to know how a customer will search for the product you are selling and try to phrase it accordingly. When your content revolves around these keywords you have a better chance of ranking higher.

Website or On-Page Optimizations

These are certain changes that are under our control which go a long way in ranking us better on google’s SERP rankings. It’s impossible to list all the elements that could possibly affect your website but let’s go over the most relevant ones.

Let’s look at ways in which you can optimize your website:

  1. Server Speed and Average time spent: We all hate websites that load slowly thus, we should try not to become one. Website load time is an important factor considered for search engine rankings. Average time spent by a user is calculated by total time-on-site by visitors/total visitors, you would feel the higher the better but that always is subject to the content and type of subject on your website.
  2. Bounce rates: It is important that a user visits multiple pages to bring down the bounce rate of your website. It has nothing to do with time spent by users but the number of pages they visit. A user can visit your website for hours but if they just visit a single page, Google will still mark it as a bounce. Higher the bounce rate, higher are your troubles. It’s important to check out your industry’s average bounce rate and keep it as low as possible for your website.
  3. Secure and accessible website: A secure and easily accessible website makes it easy for google’s web crawlers to index your website. For example, having an https in your web address is great for users.
  4. Title Tag: A description of your website in 70 words or less including keywords of your content’s focus and your company name.
  5. Subheading: Makes your content easier to read while simultaneously helping you improve your SEO.
  6. Meta Description of your webpages: It tells the search engine what each webpage on your website is about. It also improves understanding and relevance for the user about the webpage. Keywords should be included here as well as it rewards to mention what the content is all about.
  7. Internal links: Trying and hyperlinking other content on your website can help search engines learn more about your website.
  8. Site-mapping: Submitting your sitemaps to search engines can help google’s crawlers easily access your website’s content, and hence giving a better understanding of your website’s content.

Offpage optimization and the Role of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing can immensely help improve your website’s SERP ranking and help you with SEO. Your website’s ranking also heavily depends on offpage factors which are not under your controls. Factors like trust, back-linking, social media reach, mentions, forums, influencer outreach among others. In-short, the more people talk about you, the more people mention you on social media, the more people back-link your website in their content the higher your chances are of shooting up the ranks in no time. This is where influencer marketing plays a huge role. If a highly ranked website is the destination, Influencer Marketing is pretty much a hovercraft gliding over the sea, overcrowded with similar websites and helps you stand out.

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  1. Social Media Reach: Influencers with high engagement rates can help you skyrocket your reach with their followers. A large number of followers does not translate to high engagement rates, it can be easily confused. Planning a campaign with a large number of highly engaging influencers can boost your chances of social media reach exponentially!
  2. Mentions: The more influencers you engage with and channel your ad campaigns through, the higher the number of mentions you receive on social media platforms which in turn boost your SEO and helps you rank higher.
  3. Backlinks: How many roads take users back to you? This is exactly the premise on which back-links work. Popular with blogging and YouTube influencers, it’s an easy way to direct users to your website. Mostly, it works very well in the case of product-based websites and shopping websites. The right influencers can help you generate a lot of redirections and boost your SEO ranking as well as sales.
  4. Social Media comments and likes: The more the number of people engaging with your social media content, the higher you will land in google searches. Influencer marketing and target ads are good options to achieve it.

Influencer Marketing is revolutionizing the way in which we market our brand. Alas, it’s a great tool in our arsenal helping us rank higher. But we are a little spoilt for choices when choosing the right influencer to engage with. There are so many Influencers out there across all platforms and to search and find the most suitable ones who suit your brand and have the right engagement to followers ratio, who is super active and initiator are no easy tasks, especially when you want to run a huge campaign


It would be a blessing if someone could do all that for you, save you time and resources and at the same time provide you metrics for every penny spent on the campaign. All the while being reliant and hit the sweet spot when it comes to Artificial Intelligence-Human touch partnership.

Luckily, we at Wobb do just that. We are an influencer marketing platform with a highly efficient AI-driven algorithm and specialize in connecting you with the influencers who are right for you, all of that while keeping the return on investment at an all-time high.

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