Technology and an overview into Top 10 Tech YouTubers in India

Technology has turned out to be one of the biggest trends of this decade. It has been so deeply rooted in our everyday lifestyle that it would be nearly impossible to imagine a life without depending on technology. Such a huge demand for Tech products has formed a huge market for Tech lifestyle products and gadgets. We hence decided to write a piece for our readers on Top 10 Tech Youtubers in India.

With cut-throat competition and hundreds of similar products listed in the market, an average customer may find himself bewildered to make a choice regarding his purchase. This is where Top Tech Youtubers come into the limelight.

Who is a Tech YouTuber

It is someone with great technical knowledge and has a better understanding of technology than can enable him/her to explain complex technicalities in the easiest way possible to an average customer like you and me, well at least most of us non-tech folks.

What a tech reviewer offers is a review of a product in terms of its design, strengths and weaknesses, what it lacks or has better compared to its competitors.

They often run tests in regards to durability, quality, sound and battery, basically to check if it is a powered gadget.

When it comes to Tech products, a video review of a product is a lot more suitable compared to a written review as consumers get a virtual preview and understand the product before purchasing it.

Top 10 Tech YouTubers in India

1. Technical Guruji by Gaurav Chaudhary

(18.6M subscribers)

With over 18.6 Million subscribers, Technical Guruji is today a household name around India. Publishing two videos almost every day and the medium of instruction of his videos being in Hindi have made him one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels in India.

2. Geekyranjit by Ranjit Kumar

(3.04M subscribers)

Justifying its name, Geekyranjit doesn’t disappoint us with his videos. He calls himself a resident geek and we all know why. With an average viewership of more than 300,000, Ranjit is a go-to for anyone in two minds about their new gadget purchases.

3. C4ETech by Ashish

(1.78M subscribers)

Chennai based Ashish has been a leading name in YouTube’s Tech community for over a decade now. He mostly focuses on smartphone reviews and unboxing, Android app reviews and much more. Follow him like the 1.78 Million others do and you will not be disappointed.

4. Sharmaji Technical by Praval Sharma

(1.7M subscribers)

Praval Sharma, is a former engineer and has a vast experience working with tech companies like Ericsson. This makes him your trusted Tech YouTube for everything you want to make a quick comparison between say an iOS device or an Android one. He’s famously known as the first Tech review channel in India.

5. iGyaan by Bharat Nagpal

(1.01M subscribers)

Bharat who started his YouTube channel about 10 years ago which is a vlog version of his popular blog also known as ( A segment of his channel called ‘Top Tech’ is widely popular where he speaks about budget-friendly Tech products.

And More….

6. Gadgets to use by Abhishek Bhatnagar

(997K subscribers)

Abhishek Bhatnagar, a software engineer is also the founder of a Tech Media Publication Firm (Technixmedia). He widely speaks about the advancements in the Tech industry including smartphones, tablets, etc. With a mind whooping average viewership of 100,000+, Abhishek is not here to disappoint!

7. Intellect Digest by Rohit Khurana

(385K subscribers)

Rohit who is the show stopper of Intellect Digest is a Tech author and blogger and has a vast experience in the telecom software industry. His channel comprises of a content related to Tech gadgets, latest news and launches in the industry. Being a true multitasker, alongside a Tech channel, he also manages an automobile blog.

8. Techno Ruhez by Ruhez Amrelia

(2.55M subscribers)

One of the most popular Tech YouTubers today with 2.5 Million+ subscribers, Ruhez Amrelia is a Mumbai based creator. His content ranges from reviews about smartphones, laptops, TVs and everything tech.

9. Technical Sagar by Abhishek Sagar

(2.47M subscribers)

Delhi based Abhishek Sagar is a self-taught ethical hacker. On his channel one can find videos and information related to Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking, WordPress and blogging. Most of his video tutorials are conducted in Hindi ensuring there is learning for everyone.

10. Technical Dost by Hitesh Kumar

(1.88M subscribers)

Hitesh Kumar is a unique, one of a kind tech YouTuber. Along with reviews and updates of the Tech world, what makes his channel special is his sense of humour that makes his audience enjoy his content to the fullest. For some giggles and learning, head to Technical Dost on YouTube.

The YouTube overview

As per YouTube’s usage statistics, it is the second-largest search engine in the world and the second most visited website after Google.

In India, YouTube grabs approximately 250 Million users on a monthly basis. This surge in YouTube’s viewership has been seen in the past couple of years after the availability of cheap data packages and free public WIFI.

What the data says

As per data, YouTube influences 64% of purchases made, highest when compared to other popular social media platforms. In a world run on digital marketing and influencers, these Top 10 Tech Youtubers in India are a lot more than just entertainers. They widely influence consumer’s purchase decisions. Therefore, they can be immensely helpful when it comes to boosting brand awareness, the website traffic and furthermore even sales.

The Future

YouTubers could be a boon to anyone from a massive Tech brand to an emerging start-up. Moreover, all you need is an audience who counts on the word of an influencer who can help you showcase your product to the world.