1. Aashna Shroff

Since childhood Aashna has grown up in a Bollywood. Environment and had done photoshoots as her mother was an active member of the industry. In November 2013, she introduced a page, The Snob Journal on the internet which started to grow quite rapidly. People started following her and wanted to see more of her personal lifestyle, makeup, and travel. Aashna has evolved over time and has grown into one of the biggest names among India’s fashion and beauty bloggers. She has over 700k followers let alone on Instagram making her one of the Finest Instagram Influencers in India.

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2. Anusha Dandekar

At the age of 19, this girl was hosting a popular TV show in India. From Bollywood movies to one of the best Instagram Influencers, from being brought up in Australia to working as a host in India, it wasn’t easy for her to achieve so much popularity at such a young age. A follower base of 1.4 Million on Instagram, Anusha is one of the most influential celebrities in India. After getting a request from a lot of followers who wanted to know more about her lifestyle, Anusha had to create a YouTube Channel as well. She has raised her voice and has supported women empowerment. She has also been recognized as one of the crowned influencers on Instagram by a renowned magazine

3. Rannvijay Singh

Being brought up in an army background, he was always inclined towards joining the armed forces but who would have thought that one day he would be in the list of Top Instagram Influencers in the country. Rannvijay has almost 3.4 Million followers on Instagram which is not the only reason behind his popularity, he is also the host and a judge of a very famous show in India, Roadies. Rannvijay also has a YouTube channel through which he is able to forecast his basketball skills, games, his sneaker collection, and challenges to his followers.  His life journey is truly inspiring.

4. Ashish Chanchlani

From dropping out from an engineering college to being one of the Best Instagram Influencers in India, Ashish has it all. After struggling to get fame, one vine that made Ashish viral and took the internet by the storm made him one of the most followed comedians. He has 5.9 Million followers on Instagram and over 17 Million subscribers on Youtube. He has even collaborated with top Bollywood stars like Shahid Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, and Ranveer Singh. Ashish has a young audience which is what makes him unique and one of the best Influencers on Instagram. He is also exploring more of the entertainment industry and has got roles in a couple of Bollywood movies. 

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