1. Bhuvan Bham 

On the 20th of June, 2015, appeared BB Ki Vines that dropped an assortment of 20 recordings. With characters got from subjects that are of tremendous open intrigue, for example, ‘gooey connections’ to featuring how wretchedness happens in fellowship. Which primarily got attention from the youth of Asian countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and Karachi.

He is one of the fastest-growing YouTube Influencers across the globe. As of now, he has 17 Million subscribers on YouTube and has got 58 Million views last month. The reason behind being one of the best YouTube influencers and massive fan following is his unique way of portraying the sketches and experience which every other youth in the country can relate to, introducing you- Bhuvan Bham.

top Youtube influencers in India

2. Ajey Nagar

“toh kaise hain aap log?” Is how his videos are becoming viral. An energetic gamer and one of the top Youtube influencers. Nagar posted his first video when he was 10 years old and hasn’t thought back since then. He is well known to such an extent that he ended up talking to Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill. Better known online as CarryMinati, the youngest YouTuber in India to reach such a level where he is competing with many big shots across the globe.

He has recently surpassed the 10 million subscribers benchmark on his YouTube channel which is just a dream for most of the creators. Raps, commentaries, roasting, and reactions are some elements that make him so unique and leaves in the best Youtube influencer category. 

3. Prajakta Koli

India’s biggest female comedy creator on YouTube, just at the age of 24, with a base of 5.5 Million subscribers. A mass media graduate from Mumbai University, says it was the bit of destiny.

She settled on a life-changing choice of quitting her job and began her YouTube channel with the video ‘Kinds of Singles’ that was aired on Valentine’s Day, 2015. She effectively posts on her channel thrice a week about her clever interpretation of regular days and circumstances that are truly relatable to Indian culture, putting her in the list of Best Youtubers.

Prajakta Koli was also highlighted in the ’30 Under 30′ issue of ‘Forbes India’ magazine and the ’35 Under 35′ article of ‘Entrepreneur Magazine’

4.Vidya Vox

Inspired by her grandmother, Vidya started developing taste in music and was able to learn Carnatic music at the age of 5. Vidya Vox unites impacts of her Indian-American legacy to make music that is refreshingly one of a kind and contemporary. Consistently intertwining the complexities of Indian music with components of electronic and hip-hop for a certainly catchy sound. She gained popularity after she posted a music video on her YouTube channel in 2015.

Her channel is also included in the list of Top Music Channels of Youtube. With just over 5 years she has gained a large fan base with over 6.5 Million subscribers and was crowned the Best Youtuber in her genre. Vidya’s mashups have increased overall acknowledgement after getting appreciated by famous celebrities like Major Lazer, Diplo, and Hrithik Roshan. 

top Youtube influencers in India

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